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zero hour


The notion of time is a social phenomenon. It is a way for man to synchronize with something in a coordinated way. Thus, a schedule is created that basically rules man’s life within that framework. It is a constraining measure humanity has imposed on itself. It is a means to an end. The primary target was for us to synchronize. But man has managed to encage himself within the organizational frame he has created. We experience time as something linear. As a historical sequence of events that in their totality tell the story of evolution, that either leads to progress or decline. But if we analyze what we know about planets and the universe up till now, we will conclude that evolution occurs in cycles. Every day, week, month, season, year etc. is infinitely repeated. Zero hour does not exist in a circle. There is no beginning and no end in a circle. No point and simultaneously all points are zero hour. It is now. It is every single moment we are alive, that is the most important moment, because it is free of past and future, free of compromise and restriction and one can only see it as one can perceive it, in the here and now. But someone else can perceive it in a different way. This is why the painting called “zero hour” can be viewed and presented both one way up, or the other way up.