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The Municipal Gallery of Central Corfu and Diapondian Islands welcomes visual artist Aleka Lampiri.
In these peculiar circumstances we live in, after a three months closure of the Municipal Gallery due to covid-19, we reopen our doors to the public, with an exhibition full of Light, Colour and Life!
Aleka Lampiri, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts of Bari, who has participated in numerus group exhibitions, displays her work for the first time in a personal exhibition at the Municipal Gallery and invites us to join her on her own, personal voyage.
The exhibition will take place at the Periodicals Department of Peristyle, from the 26th of June till the 30th of August 2020 and I am certain it will not only excite the Corfiot people but also many other visitors.

Spiros Moraitis

Chairman of the Board
Municipal Gallery of Central Corfu and Diapondian Islands

Exhibition Booklet: Click Here


This is Aleka Lampiri’s first personal painting exhibition at the “Municipal Gallery of Central Corfu”. These recent works invite us to experience scenes, situations and faces that were born in the shadow of the corona virus. In this period of restrictions and lock down, maximum and minimum distances were forced onto every human activity.
Aleka combines different techniques and methods, that result in an expressionistic quality; giving us a fascinating set of paintings. She explores the effect of light and the heat it can create.